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Concept for Jeff Mills - Time tunnel
The central part of the design is the face of Jeff Mills and he´ll symbolizes as the driver of that time travel. Another important part is a concept with wich I have worked: " Pythagoras said, God geometrizes.....""by sound".. According to this we can decude that the sounds are determined by absolute principles of mathematics. When the left brain ( mind) understands there truths and are experienced through the right brain ( the heart),a whole new world emerges" So, I tried to work with geometry and the importance of it in music, since the geometry is a fundamental element in my artistic lenguage. Therefore, you´ll notice two dashed lines that cross and symbolizing the different jumps in time, as the central spiral, a golden spiral, perfection in the forms and proportions of the universe. Finally, a spiral on top , takes those lines emerging from the mind to the time tunnel.
by Plástica- designer

Time Tunnel Book / Jeff Mills / Axis Books 002

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