Planets Book - Jeff Mills - Axis 2015

branding & editorial

“Humans have always gazed up into Space looking for answers – analyzing other Planets as a way to learn our own past present, and future. The future of Mankind may depend on, not only what we find, but how we use this information to capitalize on opportunities that might create vital stepping stones in our evolution. Each fixture in this cosmic neighborhood awaits our arrival.

“Planets” was conceived and created to bring the space horizon a bit closer to our own World – to familiarize our vicinity in hopes of narrowing the distance that we sometimes perceive as unreachable or beyond.

The design, journey and observations of our Solar System are more than just scientific and artistic profiling. They are about the entitlement of nature and what we inherited as a living, breathing and dreaming things. This performance is full of unknowns or what we may be so lucky to discover and rationalize as we mature as a species.

The mixing of Classical and Electronic Music has also been a formula for extraneous consequences. Both known to produce a certain degree of emotion, whether it is physical or mental, these two genres are products of a modern society asking itself mosaic questions for surrogate reasons.

Though this production and performance is entitled Planets, it’s really about us. It’s about how we all share the same view, the same questions and the same conviction with something bigger and greater than ourselves”.

Jeff Mills