Robert Leiner- Melomania - Höga Nord Rekords 003

music packaging

ROBERT LEINER - MELOMANIA BOOOM! This is a big one! Gothenburgs finest electronic wizard Robert Leiner are back. With a eight track LP - Melomania. Since the early 90´s Robert Leiner has been a highly respected part of the global electronic music scene. Ambient, techno, electro, acid, house, kraut - whatever. The fact that Robert never confined himself to a single genre suits Höga Nord more than well. This time he brought some friends: The Source Experience band. First track Dromomania sounds like Daft Punk would - if they were relevant. The monotonous machinery is just as efficiantly mechanic as the slow liquidation of human labour at Volvo and other big companies within the car industry. Second track Drive makes us think of an unwillingly beautiful and violent tramaccident. Chaotic supreme confidence is what follows through the album. Pure organic uncompromising energy. It´s time to get down to the source for some excperience!

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